Ear Syringe – 10oz

A mainstay for all obstetric kits and pediatric bags, this disposable bulb syringe enables you to safely clear a newborn’s nose and mouth as well as their ears and ulcers.

Newborns are born with secretions that sometimes block vital airways such as the nose and mouth. Use this non-sterile 2 oz. PVC bulb syringe as a quick and easy tool to aid in clearing these newborn secretions. No special tools or fancy instruction is required; simply compress the bulb and release to suction from the nose, mouth, ears, or ulcers. This flat bottom syringe can also be utilized for minor irrigation purposes as well.


  • 2oz PVC material
  • Latex Free
  • Disposable
  • Non-sterile packaging
  • Blue coloring
  • Sold individually or in packs of 50

This product(s) is classified as a Medical Device which is regulated by the FDA. This product may have regulations or restrictions in some states. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable federal, state or local laws.

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