Nasal Cease – 5 packings

Doctor Recommended!

  • Stops Bleeding from Cuts
  • Painless Easy Insertion
  • Stops Bleeding Fast
  • Absorbs Blood
  • Promotes Healing
  • Non-Stick Removal, No Rebleeds
  • No Contradictions with Medications Consumed
  • Quickly Return to Activities

NasalCEASE is a natural bio-polymer, uniquely designed for the treatment of minor nosebleeds.  As it comes in contact with blood, NasalCEASE enhances clot formation and decreases coagulation time.

NasalCEASE has excellent absorbtion characteristics, allowing the user to insert the packing and leave it alone until removal.

As NasalCEASE absorbs blood it gelifies, becoming moist, allowing for easy removal without sticking to newly formed clots.


  • Do not coat NasalCease with ointments prior to use.
  • NasalCease has not been approved for use by children twelve and under.




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